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Dear Tampa Bay Resident,

-Are you bored to death with typical weight loss programs and Fitness Gyms where the staff and members are more interested in looking stylish in their new Nike Spandex Shorts and jewelry than actually working hard and getting in shape?

-Does spending 50 minutes on a treadmill, sighing to yourself as the timer slowly ticks down the precious moments of your life... sound like a nightmare?

-Do you begrudgingly endure a ridiculous 1-2 hours at the fitness club, only to walk away wearing a bone-dry t-shirt asking yourself, "Did I actually accomplish anything here?"

Hello! That guy with the crossed arms in the picture above is me. My name is Elliott Hulse, I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and nationally recognized fitness author and coach. Over the past 11 years, I have trained athletes to get faster and stronger using an unique combination of athletic strength and conditioning systems. I have also used the very same system to help hundreds of "regular" men and women lose weight and construct lean bodies.

Listen, If you are anything like my fitness clients- you have become fed up with boring, ineffective "fitness as usual".You understand that the ONLY way to burn fat and build lean, attractive and functional muscle is with challenging, effortful and exhilarating hard work!

If what I just described sound like you, then read-on! This letter is for you.

You are willing and ready to put in the sweat that is required to achieve your life and fitness results. Trying to get 'something for nothing' is the low road, it lands you on the path to zero results.

You scoff at the 'fat loss' pill advertisements and pity those that waste their money on over priced, bogus exercise equipment that ends up becoming a $400 clothes hanger. You are honest in your efforts and committed to your health - but you may not know exactly where to start.

You've tried fitness gyms, weight loss plans and diets only to discover that many of them are more "fluff than fact". Also, every book and news report seems to contradict all the others.

You also want to have fun! You feel that your time is precious and is much better spent surrounding yourself with other high achievers - people who are also on the road to melting off pounds of unwanted body fat. People who can support you on your journey, because they also, "have been there too."

It's important that you feel appreciated, understood and fully supported by your fitness mentors and peers. You are turned off by pretentious, fitness prima donnas at local, so-called 'Gyms' and you thirst for a fun and friendly environment focused intently on one thing - REAL Fitness Results!

You Want An Effective Yet Entertaining
Fitness Alternative.

What makes Elliott Hulse's Strength Camp Athletic Fitness System so powerful is that it gives you the power to:

  • Build a lean, strong and functional physique: Losing weight is almost as simple as "eat less and train more", but building a lean and functional physique - that provides you with the energy to endure and enjoy activities such as skiing, hiking, diving, running, jumping, keeping up with the "kids / grand kids", requires that your exercise program focuses on mobility and flexibility as well as strength and endurance.

  • Burn fat with fun and effective exercises: Walking on an indoor treadmill for 40 minutes, 3 x per week is good fitness advice. But who the heck wants to tolerate such a mind-numbing activity when you can enjoy a thrilling fitness experience that includes games such as tug-of-war and unique, full-body exercises such as pushing a car or flipping a huge tractor tire like the one the the Dallas Cowgirls use with their fitness coach?

  • Get faster and stronger for your sport or activity: Football players, baseball players, basketball players and wrestlers achieve extraordinary results with The Strength Camp Fitness System. It is designed to prepare athletes of team sports as well as for recreational activities such as golf to enjoy a higher level of competence and competitive advantage. In fact, this program was originally designed for athletes only!

Introducing Elliott Hulse's Strength Camp:
The Only Thrilling Fitness Experience That Promises Fast And Effective Fitness Results For Men, Women And Athletes.

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